1st #TBLTchat on Twitter 21st June

Hello world! This is the post about the first Task-Based Language Teaching and Learning Chat. I wonder what people fancy talking about.

Leave a comment to suggest a topic.Keep it TBLT-related and hopefully we’ll have a lively discussion.


About Marc

I teach in Tokyo.
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7 Responses to 1st #TBLTchat on Twitter 21st June

  1. Marc says:

    Ideas for Task-Based Materials. There isn’t much out there!

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  2. HL says:

    Great idea – thanks for setting it up!

    My suggestion: How TBLT benefits the learner.

    Looking forward to it!

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  3. Giulia says:

    I think as first chat the best topic could be something as simple as: how, when and why do we use TBLT?
    I don’t know, maybe it’s too broad, but I’d like to hear from other teachers who use this approach if they use it consistently, with what kind of learners and so on.

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  4. My suggestion for the first chat is to have everyone give examples of task based language teaching that they have used which showed growth in language acquisition in learners.

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  5. Zhenya says:

    As I said on Twitter, I think that’s a great idea Marc! Re topics: I am curious what kind of tasks teachers use in different places. Talk soon!

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