#TBLTChat 3: Pretasks and supporting tasks

This was a tiny chat, a mere 26 tweets, a mere 5 tweeters including me. Perhaps holiday times/start of the term are not conducive to Twitter chats. Who knows?


Anthony Ash (@Ashowski) asked what a pretask was, which Sarah Priestly (@Sarah_TTrainer) said was a way to prime learners with task roles, pronunciation focus, etc. I said it was a way to activate schema.

I (@getgreatenglish) expressed my love for brainstorming and classifying as a pretask, using Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. Gemma Lunn (@GemL1) also talked about brainstorming especially with word classes/parts of speech. I also like puzzles and others agreed, with Sarah talking about jigsaw pictures.

Maite Garcia (@maitegarcia210) talked about giving her learners authentic dialogues to listen to and or read. I talked about this in relation to Skehan et al (which should have been Foster and Skehan [1996], sorry) on task rehearsal. I also said I’m wary about putting words in learners’ mouths by limiting inauthentic dialogues.

Some links that were mentioned

A family tree puzzle task by Marc Jones (me).

More icebreakers for the ELT classroom by Rachel Roberts (via Sarah Priestly)

Foster and Skehan on Task Repetition (not Open Access)


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I teach in Tokyo.
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