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#TBLTChat 4: Problems and Strategies

There were a few more people involved in this #TBLTChat than last time, possibly because this was a case of addressing problems in the TBLT classroom (and TSLT classroom). This is what a lot of people want out of CPD, … Continue reading

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#TBLTChat 4: Challenges and Strategies in the TBLT classroom. 

So, one suggestion through Twitter by Helen becomes our fourth chat. Fourth! It’s almost a habit now! Tuesday 20th September from 10am in Australia till 10pm in Alaska. (midnight of 20th September GMT until 6am of the 21st GMT).  So, … Continue reading

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#TBLTChat 4: Hip to be square

Hello one and all. Hopefully everyone has well and truly recovered from holidays and ready to get back on with some serious #TBLTChat fun. So, 20th September, from 10:00 in Australasia to 22:00 in Alaska. The question is, what are we … Continue reading

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