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#TBLTChat 5: Practical ways to Focus on Form during the task cycle

It was decided! We are going with Focus on Form (what learners are trying to communicate) not Focus on FormS (pre-planned teaching of discrete language points, usually prescriptive grammar). See you 18th October, midnight till 18:00 GMT.  Advertisements

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#TBLTChat 5: Number 5 is alive

Wow, after a lively comments section to suggest a topic this time, we have an shower of goodies to choose from. The chat is 18th October from 0:00 GMT until 18:00 GMT. Choose your favourite.

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#TBLTChat 5: the momentum is building! 

Hi #TBLTChat-ers and ride soon to be. What would you like to talk about next Tuesday 18th October from 0:00 GMT until 18:00 GMT? Leave a comment below. Remember, it’s your #TBLTChat, too. 

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