#TBLTChat 5: the momentum is building! 

Hi #TBLTChat-ers and ride soon to be. What would you like to talk about next Tuesday 18th October from 0:00 GMT until 18:00 GMT?

Leave a comment below. Remember, it’s your #TBLTChat, too. 


About Marc

I teach in Tokyo.
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18 Responses to #TBLTChat 5: the momentum is building! 

  1. Hi Marc, how about practical ways of focusing on form (not forms) during the task cycle?

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  2. Adi Rajan says:

    I’m happy to see the accommodating time window for this chat. Hope to contribute to this one but don’t really have a topic to suggest.


  3. Giulia says:

    How to implement TBLT with low level students.

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  4. HL says:

    Both of the above suggestions are excellent!

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  5. Zhenya says:

    Mine for now is TBL for Higher Level students (skillful at avoiding using any ‘newer’ language requiring effort)

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  6. Maria Conca says:

    Hi Marc,
    Just discovered TBLTChat. Love it. Not sure if you’ve already talked about this: repeating tasks in Jane Willis’ model of TBL.Is it always worth it?How?Why?


  7. Maite says:

    I am interested in the focus on form through tasks but I don’t know much (or rather anything) about it. I think I would be able to participate more in the suggestion of TBLT in lower levels as that was my only experience with tasks as a methodology. I’ll try to be there whatever the topic is.

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  8. eflnotes says:

    hi all

    although i am no great expert in TBLT i do see a lot of naive misunderstandings about it, one of the latest is from recent talk which tars TBLT as banning use of own language (L1); whereas my understanding is that people doing a task can use any resources they need to complete a task hence including own language. video linky [https://britishcouncil.adobeconnect.com/_a917587435/p8xxqgy1cbh/?launcher=false&fcsContent=true&pbMode=normal]

    even with presenter’s caveats about giving a very potted history and taking into account presentational rhetoric the claim is still hard to stomach, maybe it’s just me?

    perhaps TBLT chat can run a prize for examples of TBLT misunderstood : )

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