#TBLTChat 8: call for topics

It has been a while since the last #TBLTChat. Let’s have one on 9th May 2017, 0:00 – 23:59 GMT (not BST). 

What would you like to discuss? Leave a comment below! Please! 


About Marc

I teach in Tokyo.
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11 Responses to #TBLTChat 8: call for topics

  1. eflnotes says:

    hi all
    how about theory behind TBLT? how it compares to other theories?

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  2. Giulia says:

    TBLT in exam preparation classes.

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  3. Liam says:

    How to find the taskiness in your restrictive, coursebook-based syllabus..

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  4. Helen L says:

    How teachers get training for TBLT. CPD for TBLT.


  5. SarahP says:

    Source of materials for #TBLT lessons.

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  6. Helen L says:

    This might be a repost. On mobile, Sox
    CPD for TBLT. Where is all the TBLT training?


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