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#TBLTChat 9: call for topics

Hey! Your favourite Tuesday activity is back. In the comments, hit us up. What do you want to talk about? #TBLTChat will occur on Twitter from 0:00 GMT until 23:59 GMT on 7th November 2017. If you want to write … Continue reading

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#TBLTChat 8: call for topics

It has been a while since the last #TBLTChat. Let’s have one on 9th May 2017, 0:00 – 23:59 GMT (not BST).  What would you like to discuss? Leave a comment below! Please! 

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All Seven and we watch them fall: #TBLTChat 7

I know, I know, you’ve been waiting for it. Well, the next #TBLTChat needs your topics. When: 7th February 2017 (Tuesday), 0:00 GMT until 0:00 GMT on the 8th.  Topic: propose it in the comments. Poll on Sunday till Monday.  … Continue reading

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#TBLTChat 5: the momentum is building! 

Hi #TBLTChat-ers and ride soon to be. What would you like to talk about next Tuesday 18th October from 0:00 GMT until 18:00 GMT? Leave a comment below. Remember, it’s your #TBLTChat, too. 

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#TBLTChat 4: Hip to be square

Hello one and all. Hopefully everyone has well and truly recovered from holidays and ready to get back on with some serious #TBLTChat fun. So, 20th September, from 10:00 in Australasia to 22:00 in Alaska. The question is, what are we … Continue reading

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#TBLTChat 3: Return of the Pedagojedi

Happy mid-August, the time after educational hibernation, when teachers end up looking for tasty educational morsels after being shut in their caves watching cat videos or reading novels as opposed to methodology books. Some of us start new academic years, … Continue reading

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#TBLTChat 2: suggest a topic

So good the saga continues. The next #TBLTchat will run Tuesday 5th July from 10am Japan time to 10pm West Americas time. (Trying to hit a sweet spot: bear with me). Topics carried over to this time’s suggestions are ‘TBLT … Continue reading

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