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#TBLTChat 3: Pretasks and supporting tasks

This was a tiny chat, a mere 26 tweets, a mere 5 tweeters including me. Perhaps holiday times/start of the term are not conducive to Twitter chats. Who knows? Anyhow. Anthony Ash (@Ashowski) asked what a pretask was, which Sarah … Continue reading

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#TBLTChat 3: Pretasks and supporting tasks

Hey! 30th August is #TBLTChat 3, just in time for back to school or ‘where were you while I was waiting for back to school?’ Let’s look at pretasks and supporting tasks, the cats that never get the cream, the … Continue reading

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#TBLTChat 3: Return of the Pedagojedi

Happy mid-August, the time after educational hibernation, when teachers end up looking for tasty educational morsels after being shut in their caves watching cat videos or reading novels as opposed to methodology books. Some of us start new academic years, … Continue reading

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